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Do you know about the Secret Pie Society?


You may have found your way to our tiny bakery in Easton, and you may have already tried our Pies and Tarts, but you may not know that there is also a specially curated ultra secret list of Pies and Tarts with fillings using the Lehigh Valley and beyond's amazing, vibrant, seasonal ingredients. You may not know because these special, super secret Pies and Tarts are rarely, if ever, offered in our shop.

On THIS page you have gained access to our Secret Pie Society offerings.....

....but to truly become an insider, you must purchase a subscription below for yourself

or as a gift for a PIE loving friend.  

Each month we bake a super secret pie for our subscription members but not until pick up is the highly guarded secret flavor revealed.

Click an option below to see How it Works.

Shhhh! It's a secret.

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