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Lisa Yelagin and Anne Gerr met in the summer of 2018 quite by chance, in the shared commercial kitchen at Common Space in historic downtown Easton, PA. Lisa had a lovely little cafe in the front selling traditional Australian Meat Pies, sides, baked goods and drinks, while Anne was getting back into the culinary world in a month-long pop-up restaurant with a Mediterranean lean, called Tart.  


They joined forces and with the support of many friends and family opened Easton’s own, and only, pie shop, Pie+Tart, at 444 Northampton in October of that same year  Many, MANY, pies, tarts, turnovers,  Wellingtons, and quiches followed. A year went by, then some more months,  and there was a PLOT TWIST. 

Year One of the Pandemic changed so many things, and gave us the wonderful and unexpected opportunity to join the amazing folks at the Easton Farmer's Market.  We LOVED being down by the river on Saturday mornings, with the swooping flocks of birds over the water, the cheerful chalk art of the dedicated volunteers, and the throngs of hungry customers! 


Year Two of the Pandemic saw us back at the Farmer’s Market AND in the shop, newly fitted with our fabulous door, The Pie Hole, three days a week.  Many more pies, turnovers, pop tarts, strudels, rolls, tarts, pies, crackers, and goodies later…..


Year Three, and we are still thrilled and grateful to be thriving, now with additional help in the kitchen, and back to being what Lisa calls, A Proper Shop! Opening 5 days a week for 2022, and offering an expanded menu to match our expanded hours. 


What we do may be simple, but it is not easy.  It is absolutely a labor of love, of conviction, and comes from a desire to add something real to our, and everyone’s day.


We look forward every morning to making every customer’s day more delicious, more fun, and a bit easier. 


See you at The Pie Hole!

 , Lisa and Anne

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