Lisa Yelagin and Anne Gerr met in the summer of 2018 quite by chance, at the commercial kitchen space at Common Space in Downtown Easton, PA. Lisa had a lovely little cafe in the front selling traditional Aussie Meat Pies, sides, baked goods and drinks, while Anne was getting back into the culinary world with a month-long pop-up restaurant with a Mediterranean lean, called Tart.  


They joined forces and with the support of many friends and family opened Easton’s own pie shop, Pie+Tart at 444 Northampton in October.  Many, MANY, pies, tarts, turnovers,  Wellingtons, and quiches followed. A year went by, then some more months,  and there was a PLOT TWIST. 

Year One of the Pandemic changed so many things, and gave us the wonderful and unexpected opportunity to join the amazing folks at the Easton Farmer's Market.  We LOVED being down by the river on Saturday mornings, with the swooping flocks of birds over the water, the cheerful chalk art of the dedicated volunteers, and the throngs of hungry customers! What a blessing it was - we can't wait to be back next summer. 


In the meantime, the winter of '21, we'll call it, we're back at our wee little pie shop for three days a week, with items available for preordered pickup or spontaneous, immediate gratification.   There will be slices of pie, warm savories, coffee, tea, new merch, all your favorites old and new.  Come stop by and say hi...we missed you!