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PIE +TART is offering a delicious line-up of Thanksgiving pies for pre-order.

  • Call in your order on Ph: 484 202 0235 or stop by our shop and speak PIE with Lisa or Anne.

  • Orders placed by 5pm Wednesday, October 31st will receive a 10% discount. 

  • Orders are to be paid in full at time of order.

  • Pick-ups will be scheduled at time of order between Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st of November.  

  • PIE+TART will offer extended hours on these 3 days to facilitate pick-ups for busy work schedules. 

Our 9" pies serve 6-8   $25

Slab Pie serves 10-12  $40

Choc tart serves 8-10   $35

Thanksgiving Pie line-up

Pumpkin Pie - Creamy and rich with deep flavors and the flakiest crust

Apple Pie - Juicy local apples are baked with cinnamon and a touch of sugar

Pinky Pie - A twist on the traditional apple- the secret is a little bit of beet

Sweet Potato Pie - A very old recipe with lemon and a touch of Southern charm-shhh! It's bourbon

Maple Pecan Pie - Sweetened with only maple syrup and brown sugar topped with crunchy toasted pecans

Pear Cranberry Slab Pie - Rustic pie perfection for a crowd, uncomplicated and generous

Chocolate Ganache Tart - Chocolate ganache is never wrong

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